Q If I kiss somebody should I use my tongue? If it’s a first date or a first kiss and you are still getting to know the other person maybe take things slowly and not use tongue on the first kiss.  When you are more comfortable, you might start using some tongue but you don’t have to use it all the time.  There is no rule book on kissing but paying attention to how the other person responds may help you (e.g. do they pull away and say, “Yuk!  Brush your stinking teeth!”)
Q Does sex hurt (the girl)? It shouldn’t. If a girl’s body isn’t physically ready for sex (she hasn’t produced enough natural lubricant) then sex may be a little painful. This can be avoided - mainly through communication between partners. However, there are certain medical conditions that can make sexual penetration painful and uncomfortable for the female and she will need to see her doctor about this.
Q What is slut shaming? This is something that happens, pretty much, just to women.  Slut Shaming is when women and girls are attacked, put down, gossiped about and laughed at for breaking the ‘supposed rules’ of being a female in this world.  A girl or woman might be called nasty words for having consensual sex, she might be called the s-l-u-t word because there are rumours or people think that she is having sex or engaging in sexual activity.  She might cop slut shaming for flirting with someone she likes, or for wearing a skirt or worst of all, for having non-consensual sex (that means a girl/ woman who is raped gets called a s-l-u-t/ w-h-o-r-e/ other-horrible-name).
Q Why are women always half naked and men fully clothed in music vids? It’s pretty silly isn’t it? It’s not just in music vids though – it seems that a lot of popular culture believes that women should be half (or mostly!) naked while the men that they are dancing around are fully clothed. This buys in to the idea that women are sexually available ALL of the time and that men want sex ALL of the time and are entitled to sex all of the time  – but not with real women, only with sexually available women who are skinny, tanned, big breasted, big bootied and  very flexible.  Doesn’t sound much like real life does it?