Q I really want to go on the pill/ get an Implanon. How do I bring it up with my mum? I think this is a really good question that shows courage and also a lot of maturity.  Although this might be a really difficult conversation to have – not just for you but also for your mum, I’m sure your mum would appreciate being included in the discussion rather than finding an empty pill packet in your room.  If you talk about this with your mum you are showing that you have thought about safe sex, possible repercussions and also responsible ways to prevent unplanned pregnancy.  It’s important to remember that the pill/implanon only prevents pregnancy and does not protect against STI’s.   If your mum is aware that you have been in a relationship for a while she might be anticipating that this conversation would come up at sometime but here are some helpful tips... Find a time when ma isn’t preoccupied so you can sit down (privately) and chat.  Think about how you could bring it up.  Be prepared to be asked some uncomfortable questions (when did you start having sex?) and try to be honest and calm.
Q When I’ve watched porn, the guys all cum on the girls face or on her boobs. This really grosses me out and I’m scared that my boyfriend will want to do it. What should I say to him? This is a really good opportunity to talk with your boyfriend about what you like and don’t like and what he likes and doesn’t like.  Often these conversations are easier to have when you’re fully clothed and doing something else! Many people don’t like the things that porn teaches us about sex and so it’s really important that you can talk to your partner about these things. Remember that porn gives us a very narrow view of women, men and sexual activity – like all movies, it’s not real. Porn also has a bad habit of portraying men as sexually aggressive and women as objects to have sex TO not have sex WITH.
Q I’ve been hanging out and hooking up with this person I really like, but I don’t know if we are boyfriend/ girlfriend. How do I find out if we are? As always, to get a definitive answer, you’ll need to ask them. It might be a really uncomfortable and difficult conversation to have but not knowing is uncomfortable too. You don’t know what the expectations and boundaries are if you don’t know how the relationship is defined.
Q What do you do if your best friend starts dating someone you really like? AND What do you do when someone you like likes you back but your best friend tries to take them off of you? Think about how you are going to react before you do anything. You may feel jealous, hurt and betrayed by your friend and rejected and hurt by your crush. These are all really big and painful emotions and you need to sort through them before you do or say anything that might hurt you further. Think about if you want to save your friendship. Is your friend acting in a way to purposely hurt you? Does your friend know about how you feel towards the person they are now dating? If you decide to end the friendship, you should decide how to break up with your friend in a respectful and dignified way.