Q My boyfriend asked me for sex before he asked me out! Is this normal? With all relationships (friendships included) we need to think about how we would like to be treated, what are our rights, what do we want in a partner/ friend and what values are important to us in a relationship.  Being sexual is only one part of a relationship and if they are asking that kind of question before asking you out you need to reflect on what you want from a relationship, what it seems they want and consider whether these match.
Q Do girls abuse their male partners? Male partners can be the victims of abuse in relationships. This is true for both heterosexual and homosexual relationships. However, it’s important to note that in at least 95% of cases, it is the male partner who is the abuser.
Q Do girls really like being tied up and smacked around when they are having sex? There are a lot of sexual acts that young people might think are normal and common because they tend to happen a lot in porn.  However, porn doesn’t always give a realistic image of healthy relationships.  Just like every sexual act, you must make sure that all parties are consenting to each new act.  If at any stage one person feels uncomfortable or changes their mind it’s ok to stop.  That’s why checking in and communicating with your partner throughout is important.  It is also important for you and your partner to consider everyone’s personal safety (that’s physical and emotional too) in any sexual activity.
Q How do you last long in sex? The length of sex is going to be different for each couple, and even each encounter between the same people will be different.  Sometimes people might brag about how long they last or how big they are, but really these things have more to do with body image than they do with sexual enjoyment. The most important thing, if you are concerned about whether or not your partner is enjoying it, is to communicate honestly. See other questions in this section on pleasing a girl and foreplay for more information.