Q Is it natural to not know if you like the opposite sex at this age? It is natural and normal to have a lot of new feelings and thoughts during adolescence. There are hormones racing around, making your body do all sorts of different things while your brain is trying to keep up with it all. Many adolescents develop same sex crushes that aren’t necessarily sexual which can confuse things as well. Some people know from a very early age which sex they’re attracted to, but some people take a while to work it all out. Be honest with yourself and find a trusted adult you feel comfortable talking to about your feelings.
Q My boyfriend/girlfriend wants to go to second base. What is second base? It depends on who you ask... the definition of what second base is seems to change from person to person, group to group and website to website. The only sure fire way of working out what second base is, is asking your partner what they mean by second base.  Even though your partner wants to go to second base, remember it’s your choice as well.
Q How will I know if I have the right hole? Obviously this is referencing heterosexual sex.  Firstly, it’s ok for you to ask her to help.  Have your partner guide you.  This means that you also know she is comfortable.  Also, our bodies are built so that when a couple is in what is called ‘missionary position’  (that is when the man is on top and the woman is on the bottom facing him)  it is very difficult for the penis to penetrate the anus.
Q Is it normal to be obsessed with someone? It is normal and natural to think about someone you have a crush on a lot of the time. However, as with anything, if it starts to affect other areas of your life you may need to talk to an adult about what is happening for you. It is also important to keep your actions and behaviour towards the other person respectful. Being obsessive towards another person may be frightening for them and some actions may be against the law eg: stalking.