Q Someone at school showed me a naked photo/selfie of a chick I know. Should I tell someone? Selfies tend to go viral very quickly, even when the picture was intended for one person only.  If you have seen the photo the chances are that a lot of other people (including adults) have seen it too. Think about how you might feel if something like this happened to you or one of your close friends.  The spreading of these images can have a huge impact on relationships, friendships, school, family, work, mental health and emotional wellbeing.  Privately telling a trusted adult could do a lot to support the girl involved. There are also a number of legal consequences to keeping these images on your phone, tablet or computer, forwarding them on to others, or putting them on social media that should be considered.
Q I’m not ready for sex. How do I tell my boyfriend/girlfriend without them dumping me? It’s great that you’ve thought about what you’re ready for within your relationship and what you’re not ready for.  As always, communication with your partner is the key.  Although it may be difficult, you need to have an honest conversation in private with your partner about what you are ready to do/not ready to do.  If your partner starts to pressure you into doing things that makes you feel uncomfortable then maybe you need to consider whether you are in a healthy relationship.  If your bf/gf does dump you over not having sex then they are probably not worth having as a bf/gf.
Q I really want to go on the pill/ get an Implanon. How do I bring it up with my mum? I think this is a really good question that shows courage and also a lot of maturity.  Although this might be a really difficult conversation to have – not just for you but also for your mum, I’m sure your mum would appreciate being included in the discussion rather than finding an empty pill packet in your room.  If you talk about this with your mum you are showing that you have thought about safe sex, possible repercussions and also responsible ways to prevent unplanned pregnancy.  It’s important to remember that the pill/implanon only prevents pregnancy and does not protect against STI’s.   If your mum is aware that you have been in a relationship for a while she might be anticipating that this conversation would come up at sometime but here are some helpful tips... Find a time when ma isn’t preoccupied so you can sit down (privately) and chat.  Think about how you could bring it up.  Be prepared to be asked some uncomfortable questions (when did you start having sex?) and try to be honest and calm.
Q Is it normal if I find it hard to cum? Again, everyone is different and will experience sex differently.  It may be reassuring to know that 30 – 50% of people in their teens to 20's have never experienced an orgasm.  Some of the things that can impact on whether you cum or not include;  feeling comfortable and confident with your own body, knowing your body and what you enjoy as well as honestly communicating with your partner about what you like (if you are in a sexual relationship).