Q I’ve heard about protection orders. What are they? A domestic violence protection order is a civil order made by a court that imposes conditions to protect a person from future domestic violence. A domestic violence order can either be a protection order or a temporary protection order. A protection order is a final long term order that a person must not commit domestic violence against any person named in the order. The court can also impose other conditions in the order, for example, staying away from the abused person’s home or workplace. If the abuser breaches the conditions of the order, they can be fined or jailed. More information on protection orders can be found here: http://www.courts.qld.gov.au/courts/magistrates-court/domestic-and-family-violence
Q How do I please a girl? Every girl is different and is going to enjoy different things.  Again, it comes back to communicating with your partner about what they enjoy and what they don’t by asking questions and being honest with each other.  Foreplay is a very important part of getting each other ready for sex, so take your time exploring each other’s bodies and discovering what you do and don’t like. Remember too, that what you might have seen in porn is not a realistic picture of what girls or guys really enjoy.
Q I’ve been hanging out and hooking up with this person I really like, but I don’t know if we are boyfriend/ girlfriend. How do I find out if we are? As always, to get a definitive answer, you’ll need to ask them. It might be a really uncomfortable and difficult conversation to have but not knowing is uncomfortable too. You don’t know what the expectations and boundaries are if you don’t know how the relationship is defined.
Q My girlfriend wants me to be more romantic – what should I do? There are lots of different things that you could do – it all depends on what your girlfriend likes. What she might be (really) asking for is for you to make her feel special.  These things don’t always have to cost money - e.g. a bunch of flowers (stolen from your mum’s yard), making a mixed CD or sending her a nice text so she knows that you’re thinking about her.