Q What do you do when your friend’s ex boyfriend/girlfriend likes you and you like them? This can be really tricky.  If your friendship is important to you – you should talk with your friend first about your feelings.  Although this may be hard, going behind your friend’s back and secretly seeing their ex can create much bigger problems and damage your friendship.  Keep in mind that bringing this up may piss your friend off.  Practising what to say to your friend first may help.
Q My boyfriend asked me for sex before he asked me out! Is this normal? With all relationships (friendships included) we need to think about how we would like to be treated, what are our rights, what do we want in a partner/ friend and what values are important to us in a relationship.  Being sexual is only one part of a relationship and if they are asking that kind of question before asking you out you need to reflect on what you want from a relationship, what it seems they want and consider whether these match.
Q Why are women always half naked and men fully clothed in music vids? It’s pretty silly isn’t it? It’s not just in music vids though – it seems that a lot of popular culture believes that women should be half (or mostly!) naked while the men that they are dancing around are fully clothed. This buys in to the idea that women are sexually available ALL of the time and that men want sex ALL of the time and are entitled to sex all of the time  – but not with real women, only with sexually available women who are skinny, tanned, big breasted, big bootied and  very flexible.  Doesn’t sound much like real life does it?
Q My boyfriend/girlfriend wants to go to second base. What is second base? It depends on who you ask... the definition of what second base is seems to change from person to person, group to group and website to website. The only sure fire way of working out what second base is, is asking your partner what they mean by second base.  Even though your partner wants to go to second base, remember it’s your choice as well.