Q How do I please a girl? Every girl is different and is going to enjoy different things.  Again, it comes back to communicating with your partner about what they enjoy and what they don’t by asking questions and being honest with each other.  Foreplay is a very important part of getting each other ready for sex, so take your time exploring each other’s bodies and discovering what you do and don’t like. Remember too, that what you might have seen in porn is not a realistic picture of what girls or guys really enjoy.
Q My boyfriend/girlfriend wants to go to second base. What is second base? It depends on who you ask... the definition of what second base is seems to change from person to person, group to group and website to website. The only sure fire way of working out what second base is, is asking your partner what they mean by second base.  Even though your partner wants to go to second base, remember it’s your choice as well.
Q Is it ok to look at porn? This is a really personal decision and can be a very sensitive issue.  People have very different feelings and opinions about porn. For a lot of young people, viewing porn is their first experience of sex so it is important to remember that porn can give people unrealistic ideas about sex, sexual acts, what women look like, what men look like and what people enjoy in sexual relationships. A lot of on- line porn involves acts of degradation and violence that do not reflect respectful behaviour in real life relationships.
Q Do guys know when they’re going to come so that during sex they can pull out without making the girl pregnant? Withdrawal is an ineffective method of contraception for younger people. Younger men tend to ejaculate much more quickly; sex with partners is newer to them so it's tougher for young men to anticipate when their orgasm is going to happen or has even started happening; younger people are often just learning how to communicate with each other well about and during sex; and young people are also often more fertile than their older counterparts. These are some reasons why even advocates for withdrawal overall will express that it is not often the best choice for young people. It also gives zero protection against STI’s!