Q I don’t understand the big deal about rape jokes – they’re just a bit of fun. It seems like the feminazi’s are trying to ruin everything! Lots of people who make jokes about rape probably really hate the idea of rape but because it’s a joke, it seems ok. When we make jokes about rape – even if we know that rape is wrong – we are telling potential rapists and victims that hear the joke, that rape is not something that is taken seriously. We are re-enforcing that victims of rape should not tell anyone and there’s nothing really wrong with it anyway. Rape jokes make light of rape and rape in any circumstance, is not funny.
Q Is it ok to lose your virginity at the age of 15? In Queensland the legal age for consent is 16 for vaginal sex and 18 for anal sex. Only you can decide when you are ready to have sex.  It is important to think about why you want to have sex.  Sex is both a physical and emotional experience so it’s important that you feel comfortable and can openly communicate with your partner about sex.  Before you have sex it is important to talk about how you feel about each other while also considering contraception and possible consequences such as STI’s, unplanned pregnancies and how sex may change the relationship.  Remember that all parties of sexual activity need to give their informed consent.
Q I’m not ready for sex. How do I tell my boyfriend/girlfriend without them dumping me? It’s great that you’ve thought about what you’re ready for within your relationship and what you’re not ready for.  As always, communication with your partner is the key.  Although it may be difficult, you need to have an honest conversation in private with your partner about what you are ready to do/not ready to do.  If your partner starts to pressure you into doing things that makes you feel uncomfortable then maybe you need to consider whether you are in a healthy relationship.  If your bf/gf does dump you over not having sex then they are probably not worth having as a bf/gf.
Q My girlfriend wants me to be more romantic – what should I do? There are lots of different things that you could do – it all depends on what your girlfriend likes. What she might be (really) asking for is for you to make her feel special.  These things don’t always have to cost money - e.g. a bunch of flowers (stolen from your mum’s yard), making a mixed CD or sending her a nice text so she knows that you’re thinking about her.