Sex without Consent is Rape!

Without consent, any kind of sexual activity is illegal and is classed as sexual assault or rape. If you don’t have consent, for any sexual activity, you are committing a crime and breaching human rights. Some key things to note about… Read more >

Consent is sexy!

Sex (or any sexual activity) is always sexiest when everyone involved wants it – without feeling pressured, forced, scared or intimidated. The ethics (being a good and decent human being) of consent differ a little bit to the laws of… Read more >

What does a respectful relationship look like?

For a relationship to be respectful both partners need to be equal, feel safe, valued and accepted for who they are. Arguing  can be normal and healthy in relationships as long as it’s done respectfully. It gives you a chance… Read more >

Relationship Warning Signs

Respectful relationships involve an equal balance of power and control between partners. When one partner has more control and/or power over the other there is the chance for violence and abuse, particularly intimate partner violence. Having a respectful relationship doesn’t… Read more >

Relationship Rights & Responsibilities

I have the right… I have the responsibility… To be treated with respect — always To be in a healthy relationship To not be abused — physically, sexually or emotionally To enjoy friends and activities apart from my romantic partner… Read more >

Intimate Partner Violence

Intimate partner violence is a kind of violence committed by an intimate partner (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, etc) that causes physical, sexual or psychological harm… sometimes it causes all of these things. The word violence in intimate partner violence isn’t… Read more >

Victim Blaming

WHAT IS IT? What this one means seems pretty straight forward, pretty obvious and pretty damn horrible.  ‘I’d never blame a victim’, ‘I’d never support that,’ ‘No one that I am friends with would do that.’ … and yet it seems… Read more >

The problem with Ken and Barbie

WHAT’S WRONG WITH KEN AND BARBIE? The problem with Ken and Barbie is much bigger than these two dolls.  We are actually talking about gender stereotypes.  A stereotype assumes things about how a person should act, dress, think and talk and… Read more >

Slut shaming

WHAT IS IT? This is something that happens, pretty much, just to women.  Slut Shaming is when women and girls are attacked, put down, gossiped about and laughed at for breaking the supposed “rules” of being a female in this world. … Read more >

Sexual Harassment: Are you a victim of Rape Culture?

WHAT IS SEXUAL HARASSMENT? To make things difficult, sexual harassment is defined by the person being harassed. Legally, sexual harassment is any kind of unwanted or unwelcomed sexual behaviour that makes a person feel offended, humiliated or intimidated.  It might be someone… Read more >

Sexualisation of Children

WHAT IS IT? Sexualisation is a big word to describe something that we see so often we might not even recognise it. It is when children who are under the age of 12 (or at least look like they are), are… Read more >